• Brennan Construction continues to make great progress. Crews will continue to work in tandem to expedite project progress
    • Brennan Construction is planning to finish up work in the Katonah hamlet this summer.
    • It is anticipated that the project will continue to be ahead of schedule.

Bedford Hills – Katonah Business Sewer District

July 24, 2020


  • Sewer pipe installation continued on Katonah Avenue and is nearly complete.
  • Sewer pipe and manhole installation work occurred on Valley Road working west from Bedford Road.
  • Contractor continues with sewer work on Katonah Avenue.

Progress Summaries

  • Approximately 34 linear feet of sewer was installed on Katonah Avenue.
  • Approximately 250 linear feet of gravity sewer was installed on Valley Road.
  • Temporary pavement was placed on Katonah Avenue.

Upcoming Work

  • Contractor plans to continue with sewer pipe and manhole installation on Valley Road working towards Bedford Road.
  • Work will start on Allen Place, working west towards Bedford Road.
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