• Work is finishing up on Huntville Road at Katonah Elementary School

  • A crew will start construction on Katonah Avenue and Allen Place May 11

Bedford Hills – Katonah Business Sewer District

May 8, 2020


  • The Contractor continues to work on Katonah Avenue, working from the intersection of Katonah Avenue, and Valley Road, up to The Parkway. The Contractor continues with the installation of gravity sewer, and sewer lateral connections to each property.
  • The Contractor is finishing up work Huntville Road and will be shifting to Katonah Avenue, at the intersection of Allen Place, to start sewer construction here. This crew will work south on Katonah Avenue, towards Bedford Road.

Progress Summaries              

  • Approximately 250 linear ft of sewer was installed on Huntville Road, as well as two manholes. Work occurred on Huntville Road, west of South Road. Temporary asphalt will be placed here, and the crew will shift down to Katonah Avenue.
  • Work continued Katonah Avenue. Approximately 100 linear ft of sewer was installed on Katonah Avenue. Laterals for the following properties were also installed: #140, #131-139, and #125 Katonah Ave.

Upcoming Work

  • Work will begin at the intersection of Katonah Avenue and Allen Place, and continue south. Work will occur near #225-229, #245, #254 Katonah Avenue.
  • Work will continue on Katonah Avenue and continue north toward The Parkway. Sewer pipe was installed up to 113 Katonah Avenue, with sewer laterals also installed.
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