Following the installation of Bedford Park Apartment Pump Station this month, sewer installation will continue towards Bedford Hills with work occurring on Babbitt Road & downtown Bedford Hills.

Brennan Construction continues to make good progress, remaining on track for completion in early summer 2021

Bedford Hills – Katonah Business Sewer District

January 8, 2021


  • Sewer pipe and manhole installation continued on Huntville Road. Rock has been encountered in this area, which has slowed progress but has not negatively impacted the overall project schedule.
  • Crews are preparing for the installation of a new pump station at the Bedford Park Apartments.
  • Force main has been installed on Adams Street, and will continue heading south toward Bedford Hills.

Progress Summaries              

  • Rock and concrete were removed from the trench for pipe installation on Huntville Road. Approximately 30 linear feet of sewer pipe was installed in this area.
  • Brennan is preparing erosion control measures at the Bedford Park Apartments in preparation for the pump station installation which is expected to occur at the end of January.

Upcoming Work

  • Once all sewer pipe is installed on Huntville Road, focus will shift to the Bedford Park Apartment pump station.
  • Work will continue on Adams Street, moving toward Bedford Hills, where Brennan had been installing force main before the winter break.
  • Brennan will be beginning electrical work at Pump Station B next week.
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