• Sewer installation will continue towards Harris Road.
  • There are some remaining sewer laterals that will be installed in Katonah in the Spring.
  • Brennan Construction continues to make good progress, remaining on track for completion in early summer 2021.

Bedford Hills – Katonah Business Sewer District

January 29, 2021


  • Sewer force main pipe has been installed on Adams Street heading north toward Harris Road. The crew then relocated on Adams Street near Glen Road, and will continue working south toward School Street and Pump Station B.
  • Electrical work has continued at Pump Station B in Bedford Hills.
  • Miscellaneous asphalt work has been completed at work areas on Adams Street.

Progress Summaries              

  • Force main installation continued on Adams Street with approximately 450 linear feet of sewer pipe installed this week.
  • Air Release Manhole J4 was installed on Adams Street.
  • Brennan continued electrical work at Pump Station B on the control panel and prepared for the generator installation.

Upcoming Work

  • Brennan will install force main to connect the new Bedford Park Apartment Pump Station to Rome Avenue.
  • Work will continue with force main sewer installation on Adams Street, moving south toward School Street.
  • Brennan will continue with electrical work at Pump Station B. It is expected that the generator will be set by early next week.
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