A Special Election (referendum) was held this past Monday, October 19, among the property owners in the proposed Phase II Sewer District which is comprised of the Bedford Lake condominium units and apartments adjacent to Bedford Hills Memorial Park; 95 houses in Katonah adjacent to the Phase I sewer district and properties on Railroad Avenue in Bedford Hills.   The proposal was approved with 77% of the eligible voters casting a ballot and 96% voting to approve.

Now that we have the approval of the voters to proceed, I’d like to let you know of the next steps and our timelines. We first will award a contract for designing the Phase II system including the expansion of the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant, which has been conveyed to the Town of Bedford. We anticipate Town Board action in November.   The design work is highly detailed and requires Westchester County Board of Health approval, among others.

This phase will take several months. We also need to finalize and execute a funding agreement with New York City, which is expected to take 12 months. Our intention is to be in a position to bid out the project in the fall/early winter of 2021 and start construction in the first half of 2022 with completion in mid to late 2023.



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