The following Town Boards and Committees either have or will soon have vacancies, mostly due to the terms of current members expiring. It is the policy of the Town Board to let the public know about these potential openings while also taking seriously the applications of existing members who wish to apply for re-appointment, as well as the recommendations of the Board or Committee Chair. If you are interested in serving on any of the following committees, please fill out the application form linked below.

Listed below are the Boards and Committees with upcoming openings. Please be advised that the current member may be seeking re-appointment.

However, in the interest of succession planning, applicants who may be interested in future chairmanship of a board or committee will be seriously considered for positions where existing members have served for a long period of time but do not want to assume the role of chair in the future.

Planning Board – one member term expiring (with opportunity for reappointment)

Current: Diane Lewis (Exp. 1/20/2023)

Annual Stipend Planning Board Member: $8913

Annual Stipend Planning Board Chair: $10027

Description: Guided by the town’s zoning code and Comprehensive Plan, the Planning Board reviews and approves site plans, subdivisions, certain special use permits, and projects that may impact environmentally sensitive features, provides recommendations to the Town Board on zoning amendments, policies, plans, and projects, and interacts with other town boards and commissions.  

Members are appointed for a five year term; the position is open to any resident of the Town of Bedford. The ideal board member will be able to analyze data and information from a wide range of sources and to take a multi-dimensional approach to problem solving. Candidates should have an interest in and ability to interpret presentations by professionals such as engineers, architects, or attorneys. Training, experience, and/or a demonstrated aptitude in one or more of the following fields is a plus: small business management, engineering, construction, environmental analysis, design, historic preservation planning, land use.  Residents who reflect the diversity of Bedford’s population are particularly urged to apply.

Planning board members are expected to attend the board’s twice monthly meetings, usually on the second and fourth Monday evening of each month. Board members also participate in site visits, rarely more than once a month, sometimes less. Site visits are scheduled at the convenience of the board members whenever possible. Prospective members must be willing to invest their time in learning how to interpret sometimes challenging technical material – (maps, engineering drawings, statistical analyses, legal materials), and will be expected to keep abreast of changing circumstances in land use through independent study, participating in conferences,  and by attending the required number of hours of training each year.

 Zoning Board of Appeals – one member term expiring (with opportunity for reappointment)

Current: Roger Van Loveren (Exp. 1/20/2023)

ZBA Member Annual Stipend: $4456

ZBA Chair Annual Stipend: $5570

Description: The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a five-member board. Each member is a resident of Bedford and is appointed to a 5-year term. The Zoning Board of Appeals meets typically on the first Wednesday of every month, or as set by the Board.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial board that allows residents to appeal negative decisions made by the Planning Board, Building Inspector or Town Board, regarding a project they would like to do on their property. The ZBA also grants Special Use Permits for uses such as private clubs, private schools and churches and may issue variances granting relief from various Town codes. 

Conservation Board – three member terms expiring with opportunity for reappointment

Current: Dan Farkas (Exp. 1/20/2023)

Current: Janeen Sudaka-Karlsson (Exp. 1/20/2023)

Current: Anne Nancy Kronenberg (Exp. 1/20/2023)

Description: We are seeking applicants for a full board position with the Conservation Board. The board serves as an advisory resource to the Town of Bedford regarding open space and environmental issues, including the review of applications that come before the town and its boards and commissions and initiating draft ordinances on environmental topics. Skills such as a scientific background, legal experience in land issues, public policy expertise or training as a naturalist are a plus, but are not necessary for membership. The most important assets to bring to the board are a willingness to contribute to board activities and a strong commitment to the natural resources within our town. The board also accepts associate members, who have the same responsibilities as a full member, but cannot vote on any matters that come before the board. We are always looking for student members, who can be full or associate members.

Wetlands Control Commission – two member terms expiring with opportunity for reappointment

Current: Ann Paul (Exp. 1/20/2023)

Current: Fiona Mitchell (Exp. 1/20/2023)

Annual Stipend for Member: $4456

Annual Stipend for Chair: $5570

Description: The Wetlands Control Commission is responsible for the implementation of the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Law, adopted by the Town of Bedford in 1973, to preserve and protect the wetlands and wetland buffer of the Town so they continue in their natural function as water supply areas, irreplaceable repositories of natural life and to protect property from damage caused by flooding.

Katonah Historic District Advisory Committee – one vacancy and two member terms expiring with opportunity for reappointment

Current: Matt Kendall (Exp. 2022)

Current: Shelley Smith (Exp. 1/20/2023)

Description: Established in 1986, this Commission reviews properties within the Katonah Historic District, which is centered around Bedford Road in Katonah.

 Open Space Acquisition Committee –two member terms expiring with opportunity for reappointment

Current: George Bianco (Exp. 2022)

Current: Tina Foster (Exp. 2022)

Description: This committee was formed as part of the Town’s commitment to preserve open space and is comprised of seven members appointed by the Town Board. This committee reviews potential sites that may be acquired by the Town of Bedford for open space.

 Town Housing Committee – one vacancy and five member terms expiring with opportunity for reappointment

Current: Sheila McSpedon (Exp. 2022)

Current: Amy Dickan (Exp. 2022)

Current: Rose Goldfine (Exp. 2022)

Current: Andrew Chintz (Exp. 2/1/2023)

Current: Julie Stern (Exp. 2/1/2023)

Description: The Town of Bedford created the Town Housing Agency to administer fair and affordable housing created under the requirements of the Town’s Zoning Law. These dwelling units may be created by different methods in several of the Town’s zoning districts.

The Town of Bedford has designated the Westchester Housing Action Council to market available fair and affordable housing throughout the Town.

 Veteran’s Committee – one vacancy and two member terms expiring with opportunity for reappointment

Current: Joseph Ruppenstein (Exp. 1/19/2023)

Current: Mark Sindeband (Exp. 1/19/2023)

Description: The Veterans Advisory Committee coordinates support for local veterans and their families and advises the Town on matters relating to veterans and active duty service members. In particular, the Committee helps veterans navigate a multitude of federal, state and local agencies for benefits and services. Members of the Committee also lead and participate in numerous volunteer initiatives throughout Bedford and Westchester County. Committee members do not need to be veterans.





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