Traffic Safety Working Group 

Mission Statement

In 2014 the Town Board established the Traffic Safety Working Group to advise the Town Board for the following purpose:


  • Promote and encourage street and highway traffic safety.
  • Formulate street and highway safety  programs and coordinate efforts of interested parties and agencies  engaged in traffic safety education
  • Study traffic conditions on streets  and  highways,  study  and analyze  reports  of  accidents and causes thereof, and recommend to the appropriate legislative bodies, departments or commissions such changes as deemed advisable in rules, orders, regulations and physical changes to the roadway, signage and other components of the roadway system
  • Conduct meetings on a regular basis and invite to such meetings parties and agencies,  public  and  private, interested  in  traffic regulation, control and safety
  • Promote safety education for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Obtain and assemble motor vehicle accident data, and analyze, study and consolidate  such  data  to evaluate potential changes to the roadway system and for educational  and  informational  purposes
  • Coordinate and   direct   local   activities   related  to  the  implementation of the state highway safety program, as approved  by  the  governor or his designee
  • Make reports/recommendations to the Town Board as necessary.
  • Provide a sustained and systematic mechanism and clearing house for considering concerns about traffic safety.

2022 Meeting Schedule 9:45am
Wednesday, 1/12/22
Wednesday, 3/9/22
Wednesday, 5/11/22
Wednesday, 7/13/22
Wednesday, 9/7/22
Wednesday, 11/9/22

Michael Weisburger – Chair
Brendan Keegan
Mary Cassidy
Whitney Hill
Drew Marchiano
Jeff Osterman
Mel Padilla
Don Scott
Kevin Winn
Geradline Zikely

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