Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee (IDEAcommittee)

“The Town of Bedford affirms that promoting inclusion, diversity and equity creates a more fair and just society, improves mental health, reaps economic benefits, sparks innovation, inspires community engagement, strengthens social cohesion, and upholds human dignity…”



To learn about the purpose and mission
of IDEAcommitee, read the Resolution adopted by the Bedford Town Board on
July 28, 2020.


Winter 2020:
The Town Board wishes to thank the many IDEAC applicants. There was an overwhelming response, and selecting the initial members was a difficult task. We encourage interested stakeholders to attend meetings, and to share your thoughts and suggestions with the Committee Chair or the Town Board Liaison. 


Andromeda Turre (she/her)      Exp. 9/9/23

Vice Chair
Jill Becker (she/her)                     Exp. 9/9/23

Committee Members
Meesha Chang (she/her)             Exp. 9/9/25
Mary Herrnstadt (she/her)           Exp. 9/9/25
Rebecka Levitt (she/her)              Exp. 9/9/22
Rev. Kymberly McNair (she/her) Exp. 9/9/23
Dave Schwittek (he/his)               Exp. 9/9/24
Kellie Terese Walker (she/her)    Exp. 9/9/22
Mindy Yanish (she/her)                Exp. 9/9/25

Youth Members:
Carolina Cerna (she/her)               Exp. 9/9/24
Lexi Smith (she/her)                       Exp. 9/9/24

Town Board Liaison
Stephanie McCaine (she/her)

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