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Town Code: Chapter 122

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The Wetlands Control Commission is responsible for the implementation of the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Law, adopted by the Town of Bedford in 1973, to preserve and protect the wetlands and wetland buffer of the Town so they continue in their natural function as water supply areas, irreplaceable repositories of natural life and to protect property from damage caused by flooding.


A permit must be secured from the Commission whenever construction, excavation, grade changes or vegetation removal is proposed within 100 feet of a wetland. Residents should be aware that “construction” includes dredging, draining or altering the flow of a brook, marsh or swamp; the installation of a septic field, the building of residence, tennis court, pool or driveway or any other disturbance of the wetlands or wetlands buffer.

A determination as to the boundaries of Town wetlands is made on an individual property basis, using the Town Wetlands Map as a guide. Soils data, vegetative species and other information is used to make this determination.

Five-member board, 3-year term appointment


Current Members
Andrew Messinger, Chairman       Exp. 1/20/2025
Carol Parker, Vice-Chairman           Exp. 1/20/2024
David Beckett    Exp. 1/20/25

Fiona Mitchell    Exp. 1/20/2025
Ann Paul   Exp. 1/20/2025

2023 Wetlands Control
Commission Calendar
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