Moving Ahead on Sewers

Phase I

One of the silver linings in the pandemic crisis, is the sewer project.   The $60 million project encompasses the business districts of Katonah and Bedford Hills, Katonah Elementary School, Bedford Park Apartments and St. Patrick’s school and parish house.  The keystone of the project is taking ownership for $1.00 of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS), valued at $35 to $40 million, including $8 million of improvements which NYS will perform.  The WWTP serves the correctional facilities in Bedford Hills and has excess capacity.  Transfer of ownership is anticipated in July.  DOCCS will become a customer of the sewer district, providing financial stability and predictability for DOCCS’s wastewater requirements, while providing a substantial financial ballast for the sewer district, with DOCCS as its largest customer.

Nearly three months ago, we broke ground on the project, which we call Phase I.  Working closely with our engineers and contractor, crews were brought onto the job to work in the Katonah business district at a time when it was nearly completely shuttered.  The work has been carried out expeditiously and professionally   The project team estimates completion of the bulk of the work in downtown Katonah by the end of July/early August.  Substantial completion of the sewer project now is slated for Summer 2021.

The photos below show some of the Phase 1 work in progress.



Photo of Construction sewer Project

Phase II

Working with our partners, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), we are moving ahead with Phase II to provide sewers for the condominiums and apartments at the Bedford Lake complex off Haines Road in Bedford Hills (adjacent to Bedford Hills Memorial Park); most of the buildings on Railroad Avenue in Bedford Hills and approximately 90 residential properties in Katonah.   The $13 million project would be financed 98% from NYC and Westchester County water quality improvement program funds (WQIP).

We have reached an agreement with DEP and moving ahead with a funding agreement between NYC and the Town, similar to the existing funding agreement which financed in part the Phase I project.   On Monday, we cleared a significant milestone with the unanimous approval of the project and associated WQIP funding by the Northern Westchester Watershed Committee (NWWC), a consortium of the elected officials of the northern Westchester communities in the NYC watershed.   The NWWC approval now goes to the County for action.   Property owners in the Bedford Lake community, Katonah residences and Railroad Avenue properties are anxious to proceed with the project with a referendum slated for mid-September.  We would start construction late 2021 with completion in late 2022 to early 2023..


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