The Proposed Sewer Project – Phase II

This proposed sewer system extension project builds off of the Phase I project, which is currently under construction. Phase II would potentially provide sewer service to three areas:

  • The condominiums and apartments at the Bedford Lake complex off Haines Road in Bedford Hills
  • 133 to 317 Railroad Avenue in Bedford Hills
  • Residential properties in Katonah: 4 to 62 Bedford Road, 57 to 104 Edgemont, 48 to 52 Parkway, 5 to 36 The Terrace, 2 to 4 Valley Edge Road, and 36 to 85 Valley Road.

The project in currently in the planning phase. Next steps are to pursue with New York City an amendment the Town’s Intergovernmental Agreement with the City to provide for City funding for Phase II in the amount of approximately $8.6 million and to pursue with Westchester County an amendment to the Town’s Intermunicipal Agreement with the County to provide approximately $3.4 million for Phase II funding.   After that, provide amendments to these agreements for Town Board action, and develop an engineering document describing the proposed project and its cost to the property owners (called a Map, Plan, and Report).

Following public information sessions in the next two months, we will distribute a straw poll to each of the areas within Phase II – Bedford Lake, Katonah Residential and Railroad Avenue. If the Town wishes to proceed, we would schedule a referendum for Fall 2020 to approve creation of a new sewer district and the bond issue. This last step is the deciding step.

Links on the left column provide project reports and a proposed map.

Phase II Background Information

The hamlets of Bedford Hills and Katonah long have been identified as a priority area of concern for addressing septic issues due to their location in the New York City watershed and with close proximity to the reservoir itself.

Years back New York City was part of a multi-governmental and agency agreement which led to funding for water quality improvement projects as well as an obligation for NYC to fund upgrades in certain wastewater treatment facilities on private property.  This obligation is referred to as the regulatory upgrade program as it is tied to certain wastewater treatment which NYC is required to meet. Rather than upgrading those sites, NYC can enter into agreements to provide for an “alternative upgrade” under which the sites for which regulatory upgrades have been slated would be connected to a municipal sewer system.

The funds which NYC otherwise would apply to the regulatory upgrade would be applied to the cost of connecting to the system as a “connection fee”. This alternative upgrade approach is the basis for $13.3 million in City funds to be applied to the Phase I sewer project such that Bedford Park Apartments in Bedford Hills, property of St. Mary’s Church in Katonah and Katonah Elementary School would be connected to the sewer system on which we will begin construction in the Spring of 2020.   Coupled with that project is providing sewers for the business districts of Bedford Hills and Katonah.

The remains one regulatory upgrade site for which NYC is responsible, which is Bedford Lake Apartments in Bedford Hills.  We have had several meetings with DEP to discuss what the cost would be for a new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for Bedford Lake apartments in relation to connecting to the sewer system (which would entail increasing the 500,000 gallons per day capacity of the WWTP of the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision which the Town will be taking over as well as the extension of the collection system to reach the property.

We are hopeful of reaching an agreement with DEP in the next month or two. That’s the first step, of course, in a long process ahead. This is why we started on Phase II a year ago – the whole process takes a long time.

Ideally we could start in on construction Phase II right after completing Phase I, substantial completion for which is targeted for mid-2021. 

Please contact Kevin Winn, Bedford DPW Commissioner, with any questions or concerns:

Kevin Winn
Town DPW Commissioner

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