Whenever the Town Board considers changing a local law, they must set and hold a public hearing on that proposed change before they may vote on it.

New Stop Signs Proposed

The Town Board set a public hearing for October 6, 2022 at 6pm. to consider installing stop signs at:

  • Brundage Ridge Rd at Millbrook Rd,
  • on Adams St. in both directions at School St.,
  • on Valley Rd in both directions at Bedford Rd, and
  • on Valley Edge at Valley Rd.C

This will require new laws for each new sign be approved under Sec. 117-2 of the Town Code.

Additional Sewer Capacity Proposed

Hearing on changes to Local Law Sec. 91-14 will be held immediately after the hearings on the stop signs. The proposal is to change the law to allocate additional capacity from the unreserved capacity to the district.

The Katonah allocation has been nearly fully allocated (for new food service providers and for transformation of office spaces to apartments) and Bedford Hills has great potential for applications to use both the available capacity as well as some additional capacity. Therefore, the Town Board proposes allocating an additional 10,000 gallons/day to further support hamlet vitality.  The additional 10,000 gallons is proposed to be split according to the allocation directed under the existing law which provides 20% to affordable housing and the remaining amount to be split 40%/60% among Bedford Hills and Katonah commercial properties.

The public hearings to comment on the above proposed changes to the town code will be on October 6 at 6pm.

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