From: Bedford Public Works Dept.
To: All Residents

Re: Public notice residents regarding road paving in Bedford for the period beginning Wednesday October 12, 2022


The Town of Bedford plans on several days of road paving. Work will begin work on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 and will last through Wednesday October 26, 2022.  We will NOT be paving on the weekends (i.e. Saturday October 15, 2022 and Sunday October 16, 2022 or Saturday October 22 and Sunday October 23, 2022.)

Roads to be paved at this time include:

Edgemont/ Katonah Ave. (from Bedford Rd to Parkway)
Parkway (from Bedford Road to Katonah Ave.)
Valley Road (from Bedford Road to Katonah Ave.)
Allen Place (from Bedford Road to Katonah Ave.)
New Street (from Huntville Road to Valley Road)
Babbitt Road (from Harris Road to Buxton Rd.)
Babbitt Road (from Robinson Ave, to Adams St.)
Adams Street (from School Street to Route 117)
Main Street (from Adams to Church St.)
School Street (from Robinson Ave. to Adams St.)

It will be necessary to road mill all of the abovementioned roads prior to paving them. We will also need insert key cuts at road intersections and in front of some driveways too.

In the Katonah Business Area, due to the density of on street parking, work will be structured so that paving on Katonah Avenue is completed by approximately 11:30 AM each day. Work later in the day will occur on one of the side roads (Allen, Parkway, or Valley).

Commuters, residents and business owners could experience temporary disruptions to traffic and access as paving operations commence. Residents / business patrons are asked to refrain from parking for long durations on these streets as paving proceeds.  Traffic control personnel will direct people as to where to park in the business districts. Residents are also asked not to put out leaf bag, etc. out on the pavement for pick-up prior to paving as it will impede paving progress.

The precise scheduling of work depends upon weather conditions and the proper operation of paving equipment.  Therefore, your patience and understanding are appreciated. Keep in mind that it is possible that rain events or paving equipment issues may push back the paving schedule a day or two.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact Bedford Public Works Department at 914-666-7669

The list may change due to weather or unforeseen conditions. Any roads that cannot be completed in 2022 will be scheduled for next year.

Questions? Please contact the Public Works Department at 914-666-7669 or email

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