The Town of Bedford revised its noise ordinance to restrict the use of gas powered leaf blowers due to the loud and far-traveling noise these machines emit. Gas powered leaf blowers also bring bad smells, particulate air pollution, toxic emissions, and are harmful to human health and the natural environment.
The Town Board found that the community quality of life achieved by restricting the use of these noisy and noxious machines outweighs the need to operate them, especially when there are no leaves on the ground. So a compromise was reached to allow limited gas powered leaf blower use, during specific windows of time in the fall and spring, and to prohibit them other times of the year.
So what do you need to know?
Gas powered leaf blowers are not permitted to be operated on properties in the Town of Bedford between May 15 and October 1st 2022, and the window grows smaller each year over 3 years.
Electric blowers are not subject to the same restrictions.
Owners or occupants of properties where gas powered leaf blowers are used outside of the legalized time periods will be subject to violations and fines (up to $1000).
Owners of the violating equipment will also be subject to the same violations and fines. If you employ landscaper(s), please share this information with them or you both may be penalized for misuse.
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Thank you for your co-operation!
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