Recycling & Sustainability

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Your Neighbors are $aving Money on Their Energy Bills and You Can Too! 

Imagine eliminating drafts, lowering your energy bills and increasing the value of your home. All while reducing your carbon footprint. Take a peek into how your neighbors have boosted their home’s energy performance by working with Energize NY.
Homeowners like you have used Energize NY to bring comfort and savings into their homes with trust and support the whole way through. Sign Up Right Now:

Achieving our 2020 goals

Bedford 2020 Coalition (B 2020) was incorporated as a nonprofit on December 2, 2009. Its purpose is to oversee implementation of Bedford’s Climate Action Plan. The formation of B 2020 was the culmination of several years of grassroots activities to address environmental issues impacting our town and the surrounding communities, including the work of the BEAP, the Town’s adoption of a Climate Action Plan as well as a full day Environmental Summit held January, 2009, co-hosted by the BEAP and the Bedford Garden Club, that was attended by 1000 people and was supported by over 120 partnering organizations.

To learn more about Bedford 2020 and our programs, visit our web site, Bedford Together, we are taking steps that are making a difference in Bedford!

Click here for a slide show of Plastics and Our Environment

Small Steps Make a Difference

Ten Ways YOU Can Make a Difference

  1. Get a free or discounted Home Energy Assessment – Sign up with Energize today!
  1. Reduce your CO2 emissions – consider making the switch to an electric or fuel efficient car!
  1. Increase recycling – Talk to your carter about Single Stream!
  1. Check out the B 2020 Recyclopdedia for how, and where to dispose of ALL your household items!
  1. Start composting your food and garden waste – it’s easy and saves money!
  1. Help keep our drinking water clean – take the B 2020 No Pesticides Pledge!
  1. Start a home vegetable garden – check out our Veg Out web site!
  1. Plant a tree – Visit the Branch Out! website to learn more!
  1. Buy local food – Visit one of the Greater Bedford area Farmers Markets or local food purveyors!
  1. Make a donation – support B 2020 programs. Visit
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