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Anyone, not just essential workers, can ride Metro-North trains if he/she follows the face masks rules.  Thank you to our friend William Weld for providing us this information.

Metro-North Service During Coronavirus Pandemic, click here.

Metro-North Traveling Safely Guide, click here.

Metro-North Mobile Ticket User:
On all Metro-North property and until further notice, all customers are required to wear a mask or face covering and to maintain social distance, particularly while in Metro-North stations, on our platforms, and in Grand Central Terminal; to board trains at all available doors and to take seats that maximize social distancing. We also recommend that customers consider riding our trains at non-peak hours, such as before 7 AM and after 6 PM, where possible.

Metro-North continues to undertake the most aggressive cleaning and disinfecting program in agency history – fully sanitizing our stations every 12 hours, and trains every 24 hours. At Metro-North, we’re here for the region’s critical workers and first responders. Please only use the trains for essential travel.

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