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Click HereExecutive Order 202.38 extends all orders up to 202.14 including an extension of the open meeting law requirements allowing meetings to be held remotely without public access to meeting.

This order also does the following: 

  1. Allows commercial building owners, retail store owners and those authorized on their behalf to manage public places within their buildings and businesses to require individuals to undergo temperature checks prior to being allowed admittance. Operators can deny admittance to (i) any individual who refuses To undergo such temperatures check and (ii) any individual whose temperature is above that proscribed by New York State Department of Health Guidelines.
  2. Allows a restaurant or bar to serve patrons food or beverage on-premises only in outdoor space. 
  3. Permits any non-essential gatherings for houses of worship at no greater than 25% of the indoor capacity of such location, provided it is in a geographic area in Phase 2 of re-opening.
  4. Allows restaurants or bars to expand the premises licensed by the State Liquor Authority to use (a) contiguous public space (for example, sidewalks or closed streets) and/or (b) otherwise unlicensed contiguous private space under the control of such restaurant or bar, subject to reasonable limitations and procedures set by the Chairman of the State Liquor Authority and, with respect to (a) the use of public space, subject to the reasonable approval of the local municipality, and all subject to the guidance promulgated by the Department of Health. The local municipality still needs to authorize the use of the outdoor areas. The Town of Bedford Local Law with respect to outside business areas addresses this issue.
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