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October 16, 2012 Open Space Presentation

This committee was formed as part of the Town’s commitment to preserve open space and is comprised of seven members appointed by the Town Board. This committee reviews potential sites that may be acquired by the Town of Bedford for open space.

  • 914.666.6530 – Supervisor’s Office
  • Seven members, 4-year appointment

Current Members 

George Bianco, co-chair         Exp. 12/31/26
Wendy Belzberg, co-chair       Exp. 12/31/24
Tina Foster                              Exp. 12/31/26
Christopher Gavigan               Exp. 12/31/26
Rosemary T. Lee                     Exp. 12/31/23
Diane Lewis                             Exp. 12/31/23
John Needham, ex officio        Exp. 12/31/26

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