The Town submitted the NY Forward application to the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council (MHREDC) today, and we will receive their response later this year.

The grant showcases how Bedford Hills has great bones on which to bring transformative projects to spark revitalization. The application also highlights how invested the Town and our community are in making this happen. If selected, the Town would be provided with an economic development specialist who would help us develop a Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) to include a vision for the hamlet and a catalog of transformative projects based on further community outreach and input. Once a plan is developed, awards would then go to the most transformative projects from the SIP.

This is a highly competitive grant, but we believe Bedford Hills is well positioned to receive attention and hopefully get selected. In the meantime, we have gathered great information to include in the Comprehensive Plan and we are working on additional avenues to revitalize Bedford Hills and help all our hamlets thrive.

Click here to read the grant application.

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