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Making the most of the moment

Welcome to mindful moments – a new offering from The Town of Bedford. Each day beginning June 3rd, you can enjoy 90 seconds of mindfulness along with a video scene from our beautiful community. This practice is easy and accessible to everyone. It can be experienced in any moment and costs only your attention – as much as you can give.  Intro information listen here

Benefits of becoming more mindful

Our attention is our most valuable resource. During mindful moments we collect our attention and check in with ourselves to experience a moment – for all it’s worth. Whether comfortable or uncomfortable, we become more present. It is in the moment where choice occurs. Outside the moment we are governed by our patterns and habitual reactions.   However, through occupying and living more in the moment we soothe our nervous system, our biological functions improve, we feel and look better and have more energy. Together, this practice we will help us create more stability and increase our individual and community resilience – for what ever is next.

So, welcome the moment!


  • Please, if you have a suggestion of a scene you would like included in our mindful scenes please send us an email with the location to photograph/share.
  • We’ll be at the Reservoir, Bedford Oak, Bedford Green, Bedford Village, Train station, discovering and sharing scenes and moments in Bedford.
    • Week One videos will be at the Bedford Oak
    • Week Two videos will be at the John Jay Homestead
    • Week Three videos will be scenes at the Reservoir
    • Following weeks TBD
  • Mindful moments are facilitated by Katonah native and yogi, Deirdre Breen

Audio link and print copy for June 1 & 2.   Videos begin on Wednesday.

How to settle into the moment:

Practice settling into the moment by simply slowing and lengthening a few cycles of breath while noting its four parts:

  1. Inhalation
  2. Transition to exhale
  3. Exhale
  4. Transition to inhale

Once you are settled, listen and view the Mindful Moment video, beginning June 3, 2020.

Congratulations! With practice you will grow in awareness of the moment, develop an appetite for it, and seek it for its distinct quality often called aliveness. Here’s to the moment!

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