673503 – April 23 “Everyone Can Write” Presenter: Patti Ivry
Come try your hand (literally) at putting words on paper (or screen) to tell a story, describe a moment, express a viewpoint, or send some love.  This interactive workshop will begin with learning about writing in a fun and dynamic way, followed by opportunities to write together. No previous experience is needed – just a desire to have fun with pen and ink.

Patti Ivry facilitates a weekly zoom writing group, helping people discover their inner writer. With a rich background in teaching writing, she has helped people learn to express themselves in a variety of ways.  She has the magic trick to make writing fun!
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673504 – May 14 “Acting Like Actors With Pros From TV and Broadway” Presenters: John Bedford Lloyd and Anne Twomey

We’ll start with talking about our work in theater, television and film.  Questions welcome! Then we’ll get the group moving with some simple, fun theatre warmups for those who wish to participate using body and voice.  We’ll distribute short, simple scenes from American theatre and learn about breaking scenes down, and move on to some participant read throughs.  Then we’ll have fun reflecting on our work. We’ll experience together, however briefly, the way actors do what they do.


To learn more about this and the remaining Creative Living Programs, please visit the Creative Alliance Project website: https://creativeallianceproject.org/programs/

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