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Leaf Blowers – Local Law
At its June 19, 2018 meeting, the Town Board adopted a local law on the use of leaf blowers. The Board worked for months with the Leaf Blower Task Force and staff and relied heavily on feedback from members of the community, especially those who considered too stringent some ideas being reviewed. The Board adopted hours and days of use which are uniform throughout the Town.   The Board rejected certain more stringent provisions, such as complete bans, licensing of landscapers, requirement to obtain a permit, shorter leaf season. 

There are two special rules for Hamlet Zones  (which are primarily smaller lots and based on zoning districts), otherwise Hamlet Zones are treated the same as the rest
of the Town.
1. No gas powered blowers during off-season
2. Year round: one leaf blower at a time, and no push behind blowers

Town Officials understand that it might take time for residents to learn about this new law and to make the necessary changes to comply with it. For that reason, we encourage you to help us spread the word by first talking to your neighbors if you see that they are not following the rules.

In the event that talking – and a bit of patience – do not result in adherence to the law, then during regular Town business hours (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM) please call Building Inspector Al Ciraco at 666-3730 or e-mail him at with the specifics: address, date and time of violation, and if a landscaper, the name and phone number of the landscaper (photo of the truck if available).

During off hours, please call the Police Desk at 241-3111.

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