General Requirements for all Senior Exemption applicants


  1. 65 Years of age as of 12/31/2021
  2. Driver’s license for all owners
  3. Name and telephone number of a contact person outside your household
  4. Applications must be filed by: May 1, 2021

General information for Enhanced Senior Star exemption

  1. 2019 Federal AGI (Adjusted gross income) $90,550 or below
  2. 2019 Federal Income tax return signed by all owners
  3. 2019 State Income tax return signed by all owners

General information for Low Income Senior exemption

  • 2020 Gross Income of all sources $37,400 or below
  • 2020 Complete Federal tax return and attachments signed by all owners
  • 2020 Complete State tax return and attachments signed by all owners
  • 2020 Proofs of income (including non taxable income):
    • 1099 (interest, dividends, etc.)
    • W2, 1098
    • bank statements
    • social security benefits statements
    • veteran benefits
    • disability benefits
    • investments accounts, sales/exchanges
    • annuities, pensions, IRA, end-of-year statements, etc.

Please call our office for an appointment to submit your documentation

More information may be required based on review of each individual application

We appreciate your patience and cooperation

(The above information valid through 5/1/2021)

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