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Welcome to the Town’s parking permit portal!  We are pleased to launch the new paperless/virtual parking permit system which now is available for all current permit holders. Please utilize this new system to register and apply for a permit. The completion of the applicable registration form will generate an e-mail notification with instructions.

Our staff in the Parking Bureau can assist you should you need help in navigating through the application process. Feel free to call the Parking Bureau at 666-8097 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM weekdays. Register and apply for a parking permit here: The Parking Portal

No-Parking Rules

There shall be no parking from 11:00pm to 7:00am on any county or Town highway in the Town of Bedford from November 15 to April 1. (Town Code Chapter 117)

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
8:30am to 4:30pm

425 Cherry Street
Bedford Hills, NY 10507
fax – 914.666.8025


Annual Permit Parking

Bedford operates nine parking lots for which annual parking permits are sold. Permits are valid July 1 through June 30 of the following year. See fee schedule for rates. Residents are guaranteed parking permits, however, all new applicants will start out in Lot 3 in Katonah. A resident wait list is maintained for lots closer to the Katonah train station and all Bedford Hills lots.

A limited number of permits are sold to businesses that operate in the hamlet business districts and nonresidents. All business permits are offered on a first come, first served basis until sold out. Nonresident permits are offered via lottery and then first come, first served until sold out. A wait list is not maintained for nonresidents. Please call the Parking Permit sales desk for information on availability and application information for all parking permits.


PARKING (annual permits are valid July 1st through June 30th)
$10  – Daily Parking Permit at Train Station Parking Lots – effective 1/1/2020
$10 – 24 Hour Meter Parking – Train Station Parking Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8 – effective 1/1/2020
$0.50 Pay-by-phone –  Mobile & On-Demand Transaction Fee
$351 Annual Business Parking Permit – Parking Lots 2, 3, 5, 9 & RR – effective 7/1/2020*
$556 Annual Business Parking Permit – Parking Lot 1 & 8 – effective 7/1/2020*
$556 Annual Resident Parking Permit effective 7/1/2020*
$1341 Annual Non-Resident Parking Permit – effective 7/1/2020*
$10 Charge for Parking Permit Return or Cancellation
$100 Annual Permit Late Renewal Fee between July 1 and July 30
$1.50/hr. Parking at Electric Vehicle Charging Station (Any vehicle parked must be connected to the station. In a
commuter lot, for use greater than two hours, a day pass must be purchased as well. Annual parking
permit not valid at charging stations.)

The current parking lots in which permits are sold include:

  • Lot 9, Bedford Presbyterian Church (businesses only)
Bedford Hills 
  • Lot 4, Upper Railroad Avenue (residents only)
  • Lot 5, Adams Street (residents and businesses)
  • Lot 7, Lower Railroad Avenue (residents only)
  • Lot RR, Lower Railroad Avenue (residents and businesses)
  • Lot 8, Upper Railroad Avenue (businesses only)


  • Lot 1, 2 Jay Street (residents and businesses)
  • Lot 2, 190 Katonah Avenue (residents and businesses)

Lot 3, 50 Woods Bridge Road (residents, businesses and nonresidents)


Multi-Space Parking Meters

The Town of Bedford utilizes multi-space parking meters for metered parking in select parking lots. These meters allow customers to park in a numbered space (remember the space number) proceed to the parking pay station, pay the parking fee and without returning to their vehicle proceed to their destination. Length of stay depends upon the location of the parking lot. The lots are not staffed with an attendant. Further information can be obtained by calling Parking at


Train Station Metered Parking Lots

The cost for parking is $10 per calendar day. The pay station takes credit/debit, cash and coin payment. Exact payment only is required; no change and/or refund will be issued for overpayment. All “Metered Parking” spaces are on a first-come; first-served basis and there are no guaranteed spaces. Parking in any train station commuter lot is free on Saturday, Sunday and Federal holidays.

Bedford Hills Station

Railroad Avenue offers 25 “Metered Parking” spaces in Lot 8 (west side of the tracks) and 10 “Metered Parking” spaces in Lot 7 (lower lot on Railroad Avenue), all with a maximum stay of 5 calendar days. The 10 “Metered Parking” spaces at the north end of Lot 4 (west side of tracks) are available only after 10am and limited to one calendar day. The Parking Pay Station is under the stairwell leading to the platform on the west side of the station. Note that there is no metered handicap parking in Bedford Hills.

Katonah Station

Lot 3 — 50 Woods Bridge Road (off Route 35) offers 115 “Metered Parking” spaces. The spaces are located along the perimeter of the lot. All spaces offer a maximum stay of 5 calendar days. The Parking Pay Station is at the southern most corner of the lot. Note that there is no metered handicap parking offered in Lot 3.

Lot 1 — 2 Jay Street offers handicapped and daily permit spaces. The two handicapped metered spaces (located near the entrance to the platform) are available 24 hours a day with a maximum stay of 5 calendar days. There are 7 non-metered handicapped spaces also.  The daily permits are available only after 10:00 am and are limited to one calendar day.  The Parking Pay Station is located under the stairwell leading to the platform on the parking lot side of the station, and that is where you can purchase daily permits.  It is $10 per day and expires at 11:59 pm same day.  Payment is made at the pay station and then the receipt is placed face up on the dashboard of your car.  You may park in any open space.

Lot 2 — 190 Katonah Avenue, located two blocks south of station, offers parking at no charge after 12:00 noon Monday through Friday. You must park only in the designated “Permit Parking Only” areas. Free parking expires at midnight.

Daily Parking Permits

Due to the increased use of the metered spaces by residents of surrounding communities, daily parking permits are available to Town of Bedford residents. Many residents feel that the ability to acquire a daily permit ahead of time for the date of their activity or appointment is an important quality of life issue as a Town of Bedford resident. The Parking desk currently sells daily permits to residents and nonresidents for medical appointments and jury duty.

The following rules and restrictions will be implemented:

  1. Daily permit sales without proof of a medical appointment or jury duty notice would be limited to Town of Bedford residents. A daily permit would allow a resident to park in the permit parking areas of designated commuter lots.
  2. Daily permit sales will be limited to a quantity of 5 permits for each date for Lot 1 (Jay Street), Lot 2 (Katonah Ave) and Lot 8 (Railroad Avenue). Daily permit sales would be limited to a quantity of 10 for Lot 3 (Woods Bridge Road).
  3. Advance sales of daily parking permits will not exceed 3 months prior to the valid date of the permit. Lost permits will not be replaced.
  4. Cost of a daily permit is $10. Permits will be available for sale at the Parking Desk in the Finance Office (located on the 2nd Floor, 425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507) and via USPS mail. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm. Online daily permits sales will not be available. Payment can only be made via cash or check (made payable to the Town of Bedford). Credit cards are not accepted.
  5. Town of Bedford residents will be required to show car registration each time they wish to buy a daily permit. Car must be registered to the resident at their Town of Bedford address. The car license plate and the date of use will be printed on the permit.
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