winnKevin Winn, P.E.
Commissioner of
Public Works
 Bob Mascianica
Deputy Commissioner
of Public Works

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
7:00am to 3:30pm

301 Adams Street
Bedford Hills, NY 10507



Kathy Cohen
Senior Office Assistant


From its garage and offices on Adams Street and an auxiliary site on Crusher Road in Bedford Village, the highway department’s 22 employees plow snow, repair roads, keep drains clear, maintain commuter parking lots and bridges throughout Bedford.

The Highway Department will pick up loose leaves in designated hamlet areas, typically properties of one acre or less, between October 1 and November 15 each year. The estimated collection schedule and designated hamlet areas are listed on a leaf schedule which is posted on the Highway web site each fall. At all other times, leaves must be bagged for pickup. We also pick up Christmas trees in January and early February. Once collected, these items are deposited at the Town’s own composting operation and the mulch that is created over time is used to enrich the soils and plantings around Town parks and office buildings. 

Leaf pickup is a costly venture. The vast amount of leaves picked up by the Town, require tax dollars for labor and equipment, as well as composting and disposal. In an effort to continue this service but also reduce costs, the Town no longer provides brown paper bags. The Highway Department will continue to pickup bags, but residents will need to purchase them on their own. These degradable bags are sold locally at Mill River Supply in Bedford Hills and Kelloggs & Lawrence in Katonah and at most other hardware stores.Please be aware that only leaves and small twigs should be put into bags. Bags filled with dirt, rocks, grass clipping and branches will not be accepted since they make composting very difficult and, due to the weight of each bag, require more labor and equipment.

We encourage residents to compost whenever possible. Literature on composting is available in the Town Clerk’s Office, 321 Bedford Road, and the Highway Division, 301 Adams Street.

In addition, each Spring the Highway Division conducts town wide cleanup days at its Crusher Road site. Residents may bring all unwanted household items except for batteries, tires and paint. Other items such as old bicycles, barbecues, lawn mowers and furniture may be brought to the site. Posters are placed around the Town announcing the dates of the cleanup, usually in the earlier part of May.

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