As you may know, Governor Andrew Cuomo and County Executive George Latimer are working assiduously to increase testing capacity throughout the state, especially for antibody testing. Hospitals, medical practices, urgent care facilities and other health care facilities, including Open Door in Mt. Kisco and other Westchester locations, also are increasing testing capacity. Click to learn more about testing locations and options.

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What type of test is involved?

The drive-through facility is for purposes of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing which uses a swab to gather a culture for testing. The swab is sent to an FDA approved laboratory (e.g., Quest, LabCorp) for diagnostic testing to detect the presence of active virus. Positive test indicates an individual is likely infectious.   Test results, we are advised, are available within two days.]

If I don’t have symptoms may I take the test?

Yes, you may take the test. You do not have to show symptoms.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, you do not, but you do need to pre-register.

How do I register?

You must first pre-register for the drive-through and make an appointment at

What other testing locations/options are available?

There also are additional sites available, including for antibody testing. Please see the attached for testing locations/options

Why shouldn’t I skip this test and just get the antibody test?

We are hearing a good deal of interest in the antibody testing that is being ramped up (see conversation below on update for the NYS and County.  I asked Dr. Steven Murphy, whose medical practice has arranged the Bedford Hills drive-through facility.  He explained as follows: “One of the big problems we are noting is that people think they can just skip this testing and go straight to antibody testing. That actually is a folly for several reasons.  

1. You can be an asymptomatic carrier and shed virus without producing antibodies. This person would believe that they had never had exposure and would travel in and out of your town. 

2. You can produce antibodies and not be recovered. This could lead you to believe you were going to have less serious of a disease and end up ignoring serious symptoms or even going to talk with the doctor.

The antibody test is not for evidence of immunity

While we do believe it confers some benefit we have not fully studied it yet. Checking if you are shedding the virus allows the town to notice the incidence of disease in the population and the prevalence. This assists in town planning for thing like “opening”.  In addition checking for the virus enables earlier detection and avoidance of more serious outcomes by regular monitoring.

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