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How We Serve You: The Town of Bedford Planning Board is responsible for implementing the town zoning law as it applies to land development applications, such as site plans, subdivisions, and special use permits. The Planning Board also aids in the review and development of new zoning regulations. The Planning Board is made up of five members who serve a 5-year appointment period. The Board generally meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays on a monthly basis in the Courtroom at 321 Bedford Road, Bedford Hills, NY. To contact the Planning Department, please call 914.666.4434 or email us at

To review the 2020/2021 Comprehensive Reports, please click here

Current Members

Deirdre Courtney-Batson –  Chair Exp. 1/20/25
Diane Lewis –  Vice Chair  Exp. 1/20/23
Michael Tierney – Exp. 1/20/24
Jared Antin – Exp. 2/20/27
Nilus Klingel – Exp. 1/20/26



2023 Meeting Schedule –  meeting dates are subject to change, call 914.666.4434 to verify dates.

Download Forms and Applications

  • To accomplish the goals of this board, several tools are available to these municipal bodies:
    • The Town Development Plan, a comprehensive land use plan for the development of a community which is now undergoing an extensive revision. This document is a statement of planning policies and goals of the Town to guide future growth and development. Click here to view the Comprehensive Plan.
    • To review Subcommittee Draft reports click here.
    • The Zoning Ordinance, a document adopted by the Town Board defining the various districts within the Town and the regulations that govern all of the districts.
    • The Land Subdivision Regulations, a part of the Code of the Town of Bedford dealing with procedures and standards under which new lots are created.
      Town Code
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