Historic Building Preservation Commission

Preservation of Bedford’s rich and varied architectural heritage is fundamental to maintaining the town’s distinct historic character and unique appeal. Bedford has long been in the forefront of historic preservation, actively working to protect its historic resources for over a century.

Thanks to decades of preservation efforts by town residents, Bedford retains a remarkably diverse variety of historic structures, from colonial-era homes to early 20th century “Hilltopper” mansions, as well as early barns and vernacular outbuildings representative of the Town’s agrarian past.

This Commission (HBPC) was formed in order to protect and preserve buildings in the Town of Bedford, which have or represent distinctive elements of the Town’s historical, archaeological, architectural or cultural past that are not part of the Town’s historic districts. The Commission is comprised of five members that are appointed by the Town Board. The Town’s Historic Building Preservation Law provides a Tier system of historic priorities prioritizing their significance. Only Tier 1 buildings require Commission approval for demolition or significant alteration. The law provides a list of “as-of-right” activities that do not require approval. The Law also requires that the Town prepare and maintain a Survey of Historic Buildings.



Historic Preservation
Bedford: A Guide

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Historic properties in Bedford are subject to review by one of three Commissions depending upon location:

  • Bedford Village Historic District Review Commission
  • Katonah Historic District Advisory Commission
  • Historic Building Preservation Commission
  • Established in 2003
  • Five Members, 3-year term appointment

Current Members

Kate Terry, Chair        Exp. 8/10/24

John Stockbridge, Historian
Amy Parsons   Exp. 8/10/24
Shelley Smith   Exp. 8/10/24
John Sullivan    Exp. 8/10/26

Ben Branch

Contact – Shea Allen, HBPC Secretary
Email: sallen@bedfordny.gov

 Bedford Village Historic District Review Commission

Current Members
Clayton Rose
, Chair          Exp. 1/20/24
Shawn Carmody               Exp. 1/20/23
Craig Intinarelli                Exp. 1/20/25
Cynthia Filkoff                   Exp. 1/20/25
Contact the Chair for meeting scheduling and information

The Historic District Review Commission was established to protect and perpetuate places and buildings having a special historic aesthetic interest or value within the Bedford Village hamlet. The area, designated as a historic district, dates from the founding of Bedford in 1680 and contains a number of historic landmarks, including the Village Green and a colonial graveyard and public and private buildings that display the architecture of the period from the 1700s to the present.

The Review Commission is charged with regulating the construction of new buildings and the reconstruction, alteration and demolition of existing buildings, including outbuildings, walls, fences, steps and signs.



Katonah Historic District Advisory Commission

The Commission is responsible for maintaining the historic character of the hamlet, a rare surviving example of a turn of the century planned community and as the ‘village that moved.’ Most of the buildings in the area were either built or moved to their present sites within the 15-year period from 1885 to 1910 and present a microcosm of American architectural styles during that period. The area includes and surrounds the Katonah Greens, an integral part of the plan designed for Katonah by the landscape architects G.S. and B. S. Olmstead.

The Commission reviews any major changes to exterior appearance.

Historic Barn Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program Launcha barn with a grass yard

The Division for Historic Preservation of the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation is pleased to announce the launch of the Historic Barn Rehabilitation Tax Credit program. This new program allows NYS taxpayers who rehabilitate their historic barns a 25% credit against state income tax owed.

The amount of the tax credit is equal to 25% of the expenditures incurred to rehabilitate a historic barn. In order to qualify, a barn must have been built prior to 1946, and the work must be approved by the Division for Historic Preservation. Taxpayers can begin to claim the credit in 2023 for work done in 2022, or for work completed during a five-year period prior to the date of filing.


The application form has three parts – Parts 1 & 2 are submitted together and Part 3 is submitted on its own. All application forms can be mailed to the following address:

Division for Historic Preservation
Peebles Island Resource Center
1 Delaware Avenue North
Cohoes, NY 12047
*An online submission form will be available soon! 

To apply for the program, please visit the tax credit page of our website.

The program application forms (Parts 1&2, Part 3), the application instructions, and the FAQs are below.

If you have questions about your eligibility or how to apply, please call (518) 268-2213 to speak to Division for Historic Preservation staff.

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