Blue Mountain Development Corporation

In February of 1980, the Blue Mountain Housing Development Corporation, Inc. was created by the Bedford Town Board to promote the social welfare, common good and general welfare of the Town by strengthening the local residential housing stock. This was to be accomplished through the production of government assisted housing for individuals and families. The Town Board appoints members of the Blue Mountain board.

Blue Mountain has developed and renovated single-family homes and apartments and is involved with the operation of the Doyle House on North Katonah Avenue, Katonah, and occupant selection for the Doyle House, and for selected units at the Bedford Lake, and Lakeside at Bedford apartment and condominium complexes in Bedford Hills. On behalf of the Town, the Board also seeks out opportunities to create housing units under the Town of Bedford Fair Housing Units Ordinance. §125-29.6

Anyone wishing to be considered as a potential applicant for residency in one of the Blue Mountain housing units should contact the Supervisor’s Office for details. In general, the criteria for selection are based on a number of residential and financial factors.

  • 914-666-4475 – Tax Office
  • Ten member board, 3-year appointment
  • Meets the second Wednesday of the month, as set by the Board, at 425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills
Current Members

Tom McGrath, Chairman
Andrew Chintz
Rose Goldfine
Sheila McSpedon
Amy Pectol
Julie Stern
Erin Scheu

Bruce Yablon
Rhoda Gushue
, Associate
Randy Lawrence, ex officio
Richard McCauley, ex officio

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