Government Transparency

The Town of Bedford strives for transparency in our government process. The following is a list of linked items considered by many to be key elements in providing “sunshine” on the inner workings of local government. There is also significant additional information on the Town of Bedford website.  

Financial Transparency

Adopted Town Budget:

Financial Audit Reports

Empty heading

Financial Projections (unaudited)

Capital Plans


Meetings and Minutes

Calendar with Town Board, Permitting Boards, and Committee Meetings and agendas

Meeting Minutes



Collective Bargaining Agreements:


Fee Schedules

 TOB Fee Schedule

Procurement Policy

Updated and Approved 8-17 2020 Procurement Policy

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Energy Benchmarking

Videoconferencing Policy

Request Public Records

Click here to request public records through a FOIL (Freedom Of Information Law) request.

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