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Town of Bedford Wetlands Control Commission

Meeting Agenda


BWCC Agenda 1-8-24


Bedford Wetlands Control Commission

425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills | 2nd Floor Conference Room

January 8, 2024 | 7:30 PM




Submission Deadlines & Site Walk Date



Supplemental Submissions:

Fencing, Stonewall, Patio, Mitigation Planting

149 Meeting House Road

Section 59.14-1-30.1, R-4A

Owners/Applicants: Dennis & Diana Landi




Water Quality Monitoring

535 Cantitoe St.

Section 73.18 Block 1 Lot, R2A

Owner/Applicant:     Bedford Golf and Tennis Club




New Application:

Construction of driveway segment to connect individual driveways,

Install wood chip walking path, Invasive Species Management

63, 71, 81 Old Wagon Road, Bedford

Section 83.13 Block 1 Lot 10, R-4A

Section 83.14 Block 1 Lot 18, R-4A

Section 83.14 Block 1 Lot 15, R-4A

Owners/Applicants: Greenappledae, LLC / KSCJ Consulting



Discussion Items:

Discussion of Commissioner Paul’s request for a work session



Status of Violations/Enforcement Actions

Town Wetland Official (Stephen Coleman) Monthly Report: Administrative Permits




Supporting documentation for all items on this agenda may be available at the Town of Bedford website,