Todd’s Pond Committee


The Todd's Pond Advisory Committee (TPAC) was created by the Town Board in June, 2019 to consider the condition of Todd's Pond in Katonah, including but not limited to the impact of solids/silt accumulation in the pond and the extent to which the pond functions as a flood control component in the immediate pond vicinity and/or other parts of Katonah. The TPAC's mission also includes making recommendations to the Town Board with respect to addressing issues which impact the condition of the pond.

The current TPAC members are: Katonah residents Lou Sorell - Chair, Mike Dwyer, Jen Gregory, and Don Scott; Bedford Town Supervisor MaryAnn Carr; Bedford Wetlands Control Commission member Fiona Mitchell; and Bedford DPW Commissioner Kevin Winn.

The TPAC has met monthly since July 2019, and has been involved in a number of activities, including: review of the previous reports and documentation relating to the pond; consideration of interim measures relating to the pond; discussing various issues relating to the pond with the Town's environmental consultant Beth Evans; preparing a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a detailed study of the pond and submitting the RFQ to three different engineering contractors; having each contractor present its RFQ response to the TPAC; preparation of an outline for bid solicitation which was then shared with each of the three engineering contractors to enable them to each provide a bid for the scope of work detailed in the outline; and review of each of the bids.

The TPAC has reached a consensus on which of the three contractors it wishes to proceed with for the study, and expects to submit a request to the Town Board within the next 7 to 10 days for authorization (including funds) to proceed.

In January 2020, subsequent to soliciting proposals from engineering firms, the Todd's Pond Advisory Committee recommended proceeding with and the Town Board authorized Arcadis to perform a study of Todd's Pond and the Valley Road drainage corridor. The scope was:

Analysis of Todd's Pond

  • Identify influent points and examine upland areas
  • Physical and chemical analysis of pond sediment
    • Sampling of pond sediment depth
    • Chemical composition of sediment to determine if beneficial reuse is possible, and if not, identify disposal requirements
  • Evaluate dredging options, including:
  • Suitability of possible adjacent sediment dewatering sites
  • Cost estimates for sediment dredging, dewatering and removal
  • Identify feasibility and cost estimate for forebay installation and/or other measures to mitigate future sediment buildup
  • Recommend and evaluate specific repairs and improvements to pond infrastructure (e.g., dam repair, storm drain repair/replacement, etc.), including cost estimates

Evaluation of Katonah Hamlet Flood Control

  • Review existing data with Bedford DPW
  • Supplement existing data with additional data as required
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the existing Valley Road corridor drainage system, including TP, in local flood control in neighborhood and for the Katonah Business Area using modeling techniques
  • Recommend specific action items to improve the effectiveness of the existing Valley Road corridor drainage system, including TP's role in flood control (both locally and for downtown Katonah), including cost estimates

Develop a Plan for Funding Opportunities

  • Prioritize the most likely funding opportunities
  • Develop a schedule for funding applications
  • Identify specific next steps beyond this study to improve chances of obtaining funding

The report can be found at Todds Pond Study 2020 (PDF).