Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Advisory Committee


The Town of Bedford affirms that promoting inclusion, diversity and equity creates a more fair and just society, improves mental health, reaps economic benefits, sparks innovation, inspires community engagement, strengthens social cohesion, and upholds human dignity…

The Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Advisory Committee (IDEA) Committee, was formed on July 28, 2020 by Resolution of the Town Board. The committee has hosted multiple cultural events, Pride Month activities, Juneteenth celebrations, and a gathering for Spanish-speaking families and has recommended policies to the town board including an adopted policy on the process for committee appointments and chair term limits as well as a recommendation that the Town Board engage a strategic consultant to do DEI training and visioning for the Town Board.

In January 2023 the Town Board voted to pause the work of the committee to enable the Board to engage with a strategic partner to more fully support and enhance the Town's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work. The Board will undertake to adopt a vision statement and a strategic plan with established goals. The work with the strategic partner will include DEI training for town board members and employees.

While the above work is ongoing, volunteers will continue to engage with Town Board members to offer educational opportunities, cosponsor and run events, celebrate cultural diversity, and work towards more inclusive, diverse and equitable practices and policies.

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During Juneteenth 2022, the committee sponsored an essay contest for students. Read the essays of our selected winners.

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