It is remarkable how our world has changed so swiftly. A week ago seems like a month or more. Yes, there are the inconsiderate among us who hoard food leaving little or none for those who need it, let their dogs loose in the parks, dump garbage, recklessly continue their activities and become “super spreaders” of the virus. But there’s also those who show their love and caring of others.

Those who rise to the occasion. So here’s an act of kindness (with no expectation that I’d mention it here):
Katonah Ridge Donates over 100 lbs of food, bags, toiletries diapers to the Community Center of Northern Westchester.

Our thanks to Susan Sweeney and the neighborhood in Katonah Ridge for selflessly collecting much needed items for the Center. Armed with the concept: “If everyone in a neighborhood contributes a can of food or a package of toilet paper to a community collection, together they can really make a difference for people in need.”



Please Take Care of Yourselves

Record Review editor Ed Baum and I were exchanging e-mails this morning. He and I meet every few weeks at the Reading Room to catch up. We were scheduled to meet this morning. I’m sure we’ll be meeting “virtually” in the next couple of days. Ed asked what I thought he might emphasize to the community.

A relatively new subscriber to Governor Cuomo’s nightly COVID-19 updates, I read last night’s which included the following I’d like to share with you: “As you may know, in order to slow this pandemic, I put New York on PAUSE. That means non-essential businesses are closed and gatherings of any size for any reason are canceled. All New Yorkers are directed to practice social distancing — by staying home and keeping six feet of space from others when in public.

It’s difficult for all of us, but please heed the advice. And when you do find that you need to venture out, please take precautions. You can subscribe to the Governor’s nightly updates at


Our thanks to Town Council person MaryAnn Carr for gathering information
designed to keep our teens and young adults safe.
Click to view:
COVID-19: Game On
Play by the Rules



Please protect our police, firefighters, EMS and other emergency responders.
Their lives literally are on the line

From the BFD for the Bedford Community:
“We at BFD have created and posted a series of 5 Caution Signs that people can print at home to warn first responders about levels of symptoms and exposure to COVID-19.”

COVID-19 “Caution” Signs for the Bedford Community
click above to print signs

Thursday March 26: Virtual Town Hall on COVID-19
Please join me for a virtual Town Hall (via Zoom) this Thursday, March 26 at 7:30 PM, the format for which will be an update which I will provide, followed by State Senator Shelley Mayer, Assembly Member David Buchwald and County Legislator Kitley Covill.

Join A Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 867 918 9653
Password: TownHall
Click “JOIN A MEETING” and then enter the required ID and password

All meetings are also livestreamed on our website:
Click “Town Meetings and Agendas”
then “Town Board Meetings”
look for the livestream button



Next Week – Virtual Town Hall

I also will update the community periodically myself early the week of March 30 by means of a Zoom.
Please check back.


Update from the State

  1. Statewide Confirmed Cases  Governor Cuomo confirmed 5,707 additional cases of novel coronavirus, bringing the statewide total to 20,875 confirmed cases in New York State. New York City had a total of 3,260 new positive cases, bringing its total to 12,305.
  2. Increase in Hospital Capacity  The Governor announced an initial delivery of hospital supplies to the Jacob K. Javits Center where FEMA has started to build a 1,000-bed temporary hospital that will help increase New York’s hospital capacity to combat COVID-19 and open next week. This is in addition to the four sites selected by the Army Corps of Engineers that will create temporary hospitals in downstate New York with total capacity up to 4,000. Governor Cuomo signed an executive order requiring all hospitals to increase capacity by a minimum of 50 percent, with a goal of increasing capacity by 100 percent.
  3. Restarting the Economy  The Governor also announced that three former Secretaries to the Governor — Steve Cohen, Bill Mulrow and Larry Schwartz — are joining the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force. Mulrow and Cohen will be tasked with developing a NYS Forward Plan – a strategy to restart the economy following the NYS on Pause executive order. Schwartz is tasked with helping the State acquire healthcare equipment and supplies and increasing New York’s hospital surge capacity.
  4. First Drive-Through Mobile Testing Site – More to Come Additionally, the Governor announced that the state is opening a drive-thru COVID-19 mobile testing facility in the Bronx.
  5. Unemployment Applications Availability of online application for benefits either has been restored or is about to be restored, per Governor’s Office.


Dramatic Transformation

I am intent on getting everything back up and running as swiftly as possible. To protect the health and safety of our employees, I have instructed staff and attorneys to resume functions as promptly as possible. We’re eliminating in person meetings for everything, replacing them one by one with virtual meetings.

It’s not just Town Board meetings, but also we’re resuming meetings of our permitting boards – the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Wetlands Control Commission and Historic Building Preservation Commission.

A wide array of virtual meetings is getting the Town’s business done: departmental meetings, a one on one meeting with my Comptroller, a meeting this morning on the sewer project which is going ahead as scheduled, an Office of Emergency Management meeting tonight with Police, Fire Departments and KBHVAC.

I’ve also asked our Building Department to provide by April 3 a plan to transform to a paperless platform the processing of applications, issuance of permits and certificates of occupancy and other work of the department.

We will do this one by one.



Getting Back to Work

So in making the transformation, there surely will be missteps and we’ll make some mistakes, but here’s what we’ve scheduled thus far:

Upcoming Virtual Meetings

Number of Bedford Residents Tested Positive – Increase from 6 to 9
Today’s report from Westchester County Department of Health continues to now lists nine individuals who tested positive. We cannot reveal their identities, where they live and we don’t know with whom they’ve been in physically near. All the more reason for social distancing and staying at home if you can.



But Social Distancing

Primarily in recognition of senior citizens with permits to utilize the Recycling Center for refusal disposal,
we are keeping open the Recycling Center with its regular hours.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8am to 3pm.
343 Railroad Avenue
Bedford Hills, NY 10507
We wish to continue to keep it open but social distancing must be observed.
If any problems arise, then we will need to close the facility.


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