Honoring Black History Month in Westchester, Part Three

Black History is Bedford History Just as Black History has been an integral and inextricable part of Westchester History from its earliest days, so too does Black History feature prominently in the story of Bedford – even when it was invisible, erased, or...

Celebrating Black History Month in Westchester, Part Two

“We must never forget that Black History is American History. The achievements of African Americans have contributed to our Nation’s greatness.” Yvette Clarke US Congresswoman Just as Black History is American History, Black History is Westchester County...

Celebrating Black History Month in Westchester, Part 1

Despite ongoing struggles, 2021 was a notable year, one that will be remembered for significant achievements by the Black community. In athletics, arts, literature, entertainment and government, trailblazing Black leaders made history. Jennifer King became the first...
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