Comprehensive Plan

Planning the Future of Bedford: The Comprehensive Plan

The Town Development Plan is a comprehensive land use plan for the development of a community which is now undergoing an extensive revision. A comprehensive plan is a document is a statement of planning policies and goals of the Town to guide future growth and development.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print the Comprehensive Plan.


View Introduction (PDF).

  1. Plan Background
  2. Purpose of the Plan
  3. Planning Principles

Regional Context

View Regional Context (PDF).

  1. Introduction
  2. Regional Plan Association: A Region at Risk
  3. Westchester County Planning Strategies
  4. Watershed Planning Regulations Affecting Drinking Water Supplies
  5. Surrounding Municipalities
  6. Other Planning Efforts and Strategies

Land Use & Development Controls

View Land Use & Development Controls (PDF).

  1. Bedford's Changing Character
  2. Bedford's Population
  3. Development Issues and Recommendations

Open Space & Natural Environment

View Open Space & Natural Environment (PDF).

  1. Open Space in Bedford
  2. Development Potential of Unprotected Open Space
  3. Public Opinion Surveys on Open Space
  4. Open Space Goals and Objectives
  5. Preservation Methods
  6. Natural Environment Concerns and Recommendations

Residential Development

View Residential Development (PDF).

  1. Existing Residential Development Pattern
  2. Single-Family Housing
  3. Two-Family Housing
  4. Multi-Family Housing
  5. Recommendations

Business Development

View Business Development (PDF).

  1. Introduction
  2. Bedford Village
  3. Bedford Hills
  4. Katonah
  5. Route 117 Business Area (Bedford Road)
  6. Offices, Research Labs, and Executive Offices Development
  7. Industrial Development

Community Facilities & Services

View Community Facilities & Services (PDF).

  1. Town Government
  2. Police Department
  3. Highway Department
  4. Fire Protection Town-Owned Recreational Facilities and Parks
  5. Refuse Development
  6. Town-Owned Recreational Facilities and Parks
  7. Libraries
  8. Water Supply
  9. Schools
  10. Sewage Disposal


View Transportation (PDF).

  1. Existing Traffic Conditions and Trends
  2. Goals and Objectives
  3. Transportation Plan and Strategies

Community Appearance & Historic Preservation

View Community Appearance & Historic Preservation (PDF).

  1. Business Areas
  2. Residential Areas
  3. Historic Districts and Structures
  4. Fences and Stone Walls

Future Land Use Plan & Implementation

View Future Land Use Plan & Implementation (PDF).

  1. Future Land Use Plan Elements
  2. Planning Principles
  3. Summary of Plan Recommendations
  4. Plan Implementation and First Priorities